"Moderat - Bad Kingdom" (vigorous, playfull)
In the beginning the audience is invited with sinister music follwing Fine into her world. They do not know what they get themselfes into.
Full of expactation they are watching the young acrobat, how she, in trance, seems to be lead by the sound. The growing tension finally is dissolved into a swinging swiftness. For now on moments of full concentration and energetic passion are altering, whereas a sphere of untouchability constantly remains on Fine and her prop.

"Soley - I'll drown" (gentle, melancholic)
Desperate but gently the singing awakes Fine from her phlegm. Desparation also lies in Fine's movements, but she counters with subtile power and amazing paradoxical lightness. The fight against the melancholy, which began slowly, gains velocity and Fine gains willpower. Aimed and expressed she stands, and in the end of the performance there is no doubt that Fine's strength will last.